Attention! Our God at Work

Posted on January 11th, 2012

A heart attack is bad enough without being far from home and family, as one of our regular seafarers found out first hand. But he also discovered first hand that we are never alone. His attack happened when he was heading out of Montreal and thankfully he was able to debark and make it to a hospital here in Montreal. The doctor noted that if he had been out to sea he would not have lived. Our chaplains visited him regularly and Jason even brought some of his fellow crew mates to cheer him up.
Several days later Jason made an off-handed remark on another ship about the seafarer in the hospital. – And this is where it gets good. – It turns out the man that Jason “just happened” to be talking to “just happened” to be the cousin of the man in the hospital and back home they live a stone’s throw away from each other. How happy was the sick man, so far from home and family to see a family member walk into his hospital room. As our chaplain said, “You should have seen his face; at first shock and then absolute joy!” How good is our God!

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