A Day In The Life of M2S

Every day – and we mean every day! – our chaplains drive out to visit any ships that are in the Port of Montreal. They go aboard to meet the crew and spend some time with the seafarers while they are on their breaks or having lunch. Over a cup of tea or coffee, our chaplains listen as the seafarers discuss their work, their families and the joys and struggles of both. Many friendships are forged during these times of casual, open conversation.

Before leaving for the next ship, the chaplains take note of how many seafarers would like to be picked up in the evening for a visit to Mariners' House, and at approximately what time. For seafarers who don’t have an opportunity for shore leave, the chaplains bring a supply of phone cards to sell to those with cell phones so they can call home. Now and then, the chaplains also help the seafarers out by taking them to run errands in downtown Montreal.
When evening rolls around, the volunteers arrive, ready to begin assisting with phone calls, helping out behind the snack bar and gift counter, or driving the Mariners' House shuttle vehicles — a big van and a small bus — to pick up seafarers from their ships, or return any who would like to go back to their ships.

Using the information the chaplains have gathered during the day, the shuttle "bus" drivers make their rounds to every ship that has requested a passenger pick-up. The seafarers are then brought back to Mariners' House where they can spend the evening relaxing, contacting friends and family, socializing with our staff, volunteers and fellow seafarers, and enjoying a variety of activities that are available to them.

At around 9pm, an evening service is offered to those who would like to participate. At 10pm, the shuttle service leaves Mariners' House to return all the seafarers to their ships. The remaining volunteers and staff then do a thorough clean-up of the facilities in preparation for... another day in the life of M2S and Mariners' House.