Facilities & Services


We share office space with Mariners' House on the Alexandra Pier in the Old Port. Our address is 200 rue de la Commune Ouest, directly across from 201 rue de la Commune. (Note that online maps direct you to the King Edward pier which is east of us. So look for the 201 street address.) 

In addition to our offices, Mariners’ House also contains the following amenities to serve the seafarers:
  • Chapel with piano for evening prayers and/or services
  • Quiet lounge to read a book or use a laptop computer
  • Library of donated books and magazines which are free for the taking
  • Video/TV room to watch movies, current events or play karaoke
  • Activities such as pool, billiards, ping pong and board games
  • Internet stations with high-speed wired and wireless connections, webcams, Skype, etc. at a minimal cost
  • Private phone booths, and phone cards with the best overseas rates
  • Snack bar offering a variety of juices, soft drinks, and snack foods
  • Gift counter to buy personal toiletries, souvenirs, clothing, and gift items
  • A guitar


M2S exists for the sole purpose of meeting the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of seafarers through advocacy, friendship and practical hospitality. With the help of Mariners' House, we provide:

  • Daily visits by chaplains to each ship in port for conversation, prayer, encouragement, and counselling (seven days a week, year-round)
  • Evening prayers or service each day at the Mariners' House chapel
  • Free Bibles and scripture portions (available in 52 languages!), tracts, and "Jesus" videos
  • Daily prayer by our staff for seafarers and their distant families

  • Pastoral counselling on personal problems and temptations, and on family problems peculiar to men who spend long periods of time away from home
  • Listening as lonely seafarers talk of family joys and sorrows during one-on-one discussions with staff members and volunteers
  • Phone and Internet access at minimal cost so seafarers can stay in touch with family and friends
  • Games and karaoke that encourage social interaction

  • Transportation to/from shopping centres
  • Free coffee and pastries
  • The sale of food, gifts and personal items
  • Currency exchange, postal services, and film processing
  • Money transfers to home countries
  • Message exchange center to help seafarers serving on different ships communicate with one another

  • Visits to seafarers in hospital or prison
  • Awareness of maritime law, especially as it pertains to the rights of seafarers
  • Non-preferential relationships with both ships' officers and ordinary seafarers in order to be able to mediate on issues of justice
  • Co-operation with other organizations in the community in pursuit of common objectives, and with other Christian groups in port ministries.