Volunteers are an absolutely essential part of M2S; we simply could not operate without them! In fact, M2S flourishes when there are two volunteers on site each day! In fact, this role is so important that we follow an application process before accepting an applicant. We hope this demonstrates that we value volunteer ministry and we view volunteer roles as integral: our volunteers are ministry partners, not just ministry helpers.

To get the application form click here.

What's Involved?

Volunteers typically need to commit to spending a week or more in Montreal. Usually, this is ideal for retired couples, although we have often welcomed a tandem of singles. (Due to accommodation logistics we require same-sex singles.) M2S provides long-term volunteers with a modern, fully-furnished apartment, as well as a complimentary metro (subway) pass which gives them free access to Montreal's subway and bus system.

We also welcome short-term volunteers. These are usually local people who give of their time and energy in much smaller blocks, some as little as one day per month. No transportation or housing accommodations are provided for short-term volunteers.

What Can I Expect?

Long-term volunteers work four days ON, one day OFF. Hours for all of our volunteers are approximately 5pm to 11pm. Newcomers, of course, are first fully trained by our staff; we never expect our volunteers to do anything they are uncomfortable doing.

Each evening, volunteers work as part of a "team" at Mariners' House. Their primary functions are to assist seafarers by driving the Mariners' House vans to transport them to and from their ships, and manning the internet/phone center or snack bar/souvenir counter. During the months of November and December, volunteers are especially needed to help receive, store, and distribute the thousands of gifts we receive during our annual Christmas Parcel Drive.

In between these tasks, volunteers are encouraged to attend the evening prayer service with the seafarers (if possible), and spend time socializing with them, whether it's playing games, getting acquainted, helping them choose a gift, or sharing their faith and life stories with each other. Even a genuine smile helps to encourage someone and make them feel cared for.

If you would love to serve seafarers in the Port of Montreal, please contact us. We'd love to have you aboard! Click here for the application form.

While in Montreal...

Finding something to do on your days off is never hard in our fair city, no matter what season it is. Just ask any current or former volunteers! Here are a few helpful links to get you started: