The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)

A Gift of Kindness

par·cel  (pär s l)
1. Something wrapped up or packaged; a package.

gift (g ft)
1. Something that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation.

kindness [ˈkaɪndnɪs]
1. the practice or quality of being kind
2. a kind, considerate, or helpful act
Christmas Parcel Drive 2012
Show your kindness, give the gift of a parcel.
It’s coming up – let your actions define you – Join us this year to make it a great one for each and every seafarer who needs to experience and be reminded of the love of Christ.

Making Parcels

To ensure that parcels are of similar value, we ask that you follow the following guidelines as closely as possible:

1. Fill a box (perhaps a small shoe box) completely. It is better to have a small full box than a half empty big box.

2. Enclose a Christmas card with a personal note and your name and address (if you’re comfortable doing so).
Many of those who receive these gifts like to acknowledge them.

3. Parcel contents: Enclose one or more of the following: scarf, toque, gloves, socks. writing pad and envelopes, address book, letter opener, ballpoint pens, scissors, scotch tape, calendar. Other suggestions: packaged candy, aftershave lotion, handkerchief, face cloth, playing cards, soap, nail clipper, a small souvenir of Canada etc.

4. Please note the approximate value of the gift on the top right-hand corner (postage stamp area) of each parcel as follows:
Value: Mark your gift:
B $11-$15
C $16-$20
We ask you to do this so that we can give the “richer” gifts to the less fortunate seafarers.


Last year we did not have many women and so we have quite a few parcels for women left over therefore we ask PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY PARCELS FOR WOMEN this year.

We sometimes receive parcels that are poorly wrapped or that contain used items that should not be used as a gift. Please, give of your best, not of what you no longer want or need.


When you are ready to pass the parcel back to us there are several options:
You can drop off the parcels at the Seafarers Center in the Old Port of Montreal (see map below)
You can also send by truck or traveler to Montreal and we will meet up with them and get them to the Seafarers’ Center.
When sending the parcels by delivery service address ship box(es) to:

The Ministry to Seafarers
Iberville Terminal
Shed No. 3, Second Level
OLD PORT, Montreal, QC H2Y 2C9

When sending by Canada Post:

The Ministry to Seafarers
PO Box 128, Place D’Armes
Montreal, QC H2Y 3E9

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