The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)

Thank You!

This past month as warmer days came to a close many people I hadn’t seen over the summer asked me how it had been and thankfully I could report that it was a good summer – but it went so fast! And it did. Of course time travels at the same speed no matter what the season but times and events seem to pass by and it never ceases to surprise me. My son turns ten this month – ten! It seems like just yesterday… how often haven’t I said that?

Time is one of those concepts we always seem to grapple with. We don’t have enough of it, we are impatient when its wasted, we want to use it wisely, we want to savor the moment – stop and smell the roses kind of thing, we look back with regrets or with longing at bygone days and we dread or anticipate those days that are yet to come.

But God has given us each moment in his perfect wisdom. He has blessed us with today – right here, right now. For this we are accountable – and it is in this we strive to bring Him glory. Each day here at M2S we seek to make Him known – that more people may come to praise Him and bring Him the honor He deserves.

At those moments when you place our ministry before Him in prayer, when you put pen to paper and encourage us with your gifts, at those moments you bring Him glory – right then and there and for ages to come – stretching as far as you can imagine – for we can never measure to what lengths the seeds of the gospel will travel.

To all our supporters; Thank you for those moments and all the others you spent loving us and those around you. May you feel His pleasure.

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