The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)

2020 Christmas Parcel Campaign

Despite the pandemic, our supporters rallied to make Christmas a memorable occasion for seafarers.  We distributed 1499 gifts, including sharing 200 with the Port in Trois-Rivières.

This year we promoted the Pack a Virtual Parcel option so that people who wanted to avoid shopping, could still participate. We were overwhelmed by the response...over $9000 collected! How does one turn that much cash into gifts, exactly? Well, we ordered some things online and spread out over the city to raid the local stores...multiple times!

Parcels included items from four categories: warm clothes, food/candy, toiletries and a leisure item. We were blessed with an abundance of donated items such as beautifully knitted tuques and scarves, toiletries and activity books.To each parcel we added a handwritten card. (Thank you Mountainview CRC for sending us 260 signed cards plus a ton of extras. Wow!)

Pooling the money meant we had greater buying power. So we were able to include M2S masks and hand sanitizer in most of the parcels as well. 
Without the help of local volunteers to shop, sort and pack, this adventure would have gone nowhere. Our thanks to Sheila Margerrison, Heather Purdie, Daniel Girard, Bryan Manning, Rob Whitley and Ophélie Legars. 

We also thank the 74 churches, individuals and businesses for contributing parcels, parcel contents, lovely handmade bags, cards, extra items and free transportation.

All the thanks we received from seafarers belongs to all those who made this a wonderful campaign. Thank you!

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