The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S)

Welcome to Montréal.

The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S) is dedicated to caring for the needs of seafarers visiting the Port of Montreal. Our mission is to share Jesus' love by being an advocate for seafarers, and providing them a safe, relaxing place that they can call their home-away-from-home.

Thank you so much. Really big help. We are expecting some goods in Europe last time but they did not come. The guys are sending their warmest gratitude to you. Hope to see you before I sign off next month. Merci beaucoup.

— Neil, a seafarer in port during the COVID-19 pandemic —

The warm home of every seafarer visiting Montreal.

— seafarer, Bosco Moniz —

It is obvious that you do your work for us from a different perspective than what I have found in other seafarers clubs.

— a Hindu seafarer —