Christmas Parcels

Each year, M2S runs a Christmas Parcel Drive in the hope of giving each seafarer who visits the Port of Montreal during the month of December a small gift as a token of the love of God, and a means of celebrating with them God's great gift, Jesus Christ.
Parcels are delivered to every ship in port, one for each crew member, along with Bibles in the language of the majority of seafarers on board. We attach a card, translated into the language of each recipient, which explains the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Parcels usually consist of a shoebox (or similar-sized gift bag) wrapped in festive paper, and filled with both practical items and treats. A card with a personal note, although optional, is always most appreciated by all seafarers.

We also suggest that, on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, the ship’s captain read the Christmas story (Luke chapter 2) from the Bible with his/her crew and then distribute the parcels.

Due Date

We accept parcels all the way through December. The earlier the better - we start handing out parcels the last week of November (for those ships we know will be out to sea over Christmas.) However, we give out parcels sometimes into the first week of January (for the ships we missed who were out to sea over Christmas.)

Guidelines for Making Parcels

To ensure that parcels are of similar value, we ask that you follow the following guidelines as closely as possible:

  1. Fill a shoe box completely. It is better to have a small full box than a half empty big box.
  2. Enclose a Christmas card with a personal note and your name and address (if you’re comfortable doing so). Some of those who receive these gifts like to acknowledge them.
  3. Parcel contents: Enclose one or more of the following: scarf, toque, gloves, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, calendar, packaged candy, aftershave lotion, face cloth, playing cards, soap, nail clipper, picture frame (no glass), a small souvenir of Canada etc. (Please Note: Dollar store gloves and hats are totally acceptable - the seafarers don't wear them for work or play but rather when they are here, and other cold cities, they use them to just keep warm when off ship. Most seafarers find our climate VERY cold!)
  4. Mark your gift with a B or C in the top right-hand corner of each parcel: B = $15 - $20; C = $20 - $25. We ask you to do this so that we can give the “richer” gifts to the less fortunate seafarers.

We sometimes receive parcels that are poorly wrapped or that contain used items that should not be used as a gift. Please, give of your best, not of what you no longer want or need.
A Word About Women Seafarers
There are very few women in the shipping industry. We rarely need to give women's parcels, and when we do, M2S has a small budget to make such parcels as needed. Therefore, we ask that you PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY PARCELS FOR WOMEN.

Free Parcel Drop-Off Locations

For the 2018 Christmas Parcel drive, you can drop off your parcels with one of our partners as follows:
Westbrook Floral (at the back shipping/receiving door):
4994 North Service Road, Beamsville ON between 9 AM-3 PM on Monday, November 5, 2018 and Friday, November 16, 2018.

Classis Quinte CRC Churches by November 18, 2018:
Ebenezer (Trenton); Jennings Creek (Lindsay); Cephas (Peterborough); Living Hope (Peterborough); Zion (Oshawa, from OCT 1st, Tue-Fri from 10 AM-3 PM and on Sundays); Hope (Port Perry); First (Kingston); Westside Fellowship (Kingston)

Mailing Parcels

You can drop off parcels at our centre in the Old Port of Montreal from Mon-Fri (2-10 PM) and Sat-Sun (3-10 PM) or you can send them by courier/regular mail.

When sending the parcels by delivery service, address box(es) to:
Mariners' House/The Ministry to Seafarers
Grand Quai de Montréal
200 rue de la Commune Ouest
Montreal QC H2Y 4B2

When sending by Canada Post:
The Ministry to Seafarers of the CRC
PO Box 128, Place D’Armes
Montreal, QC H2Y 3E9

"May the joy of Christmas and blessing of the Lord always be with you. Gestures of love and affection from people like you could make the world a much better place to be in. It’s possible [through acts such as yours] to bring back the lost paradise back to earth. "

- Antony J. Mull, 2nd Officer, MT Acor

"I was sailing over Christmas...lonely Christmas morning. Until I opened the door to start my day and was so surprised to see a wrapped present waiting for me! I cannot even begin to express how incredibly moved I was to have been thought of that morning. It truly warmed my heart and brought me such joy! "

- ULS Sailor Girl -